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Here’s the easiest way to start taking calls for your clients.

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Virtual Assistants (VAs) often ask for advice on how to take phone calls for their clients. Some end up with multiple dedicated mobile phones, while others set up VOIP systems.

Having started out running a VA business, I’ve done all the research and hard work to create a white-label virtual reception system for virtual assistants.

The easiest way to add reception services to
your VA biz

Client reports
Client reports

Each month, you’ll receive a detailed report to present to your clients so you can correctly invoice them - it keeps everything transparent.

Online forms
Online forms

You’ll easily switch between clients, and you’ll be able to complete online forms to send an email or SMS your clients quickly - easy communication is key.

Quick and easy setup
Quick and easy setup

Once you’ve worked out what your client needs (FAQs, message recordings, booking platforms, etc.) we’ll set it up for you - you don’t need to be a tech-head.

Calls answered for you
Calls answered for you

If you don’t want to answer calls yourself, that’s fine. Our receptionists can handle the phone answering for you and your clients will never know.


"The VA Partner program is fantastic! It allows me to offer an additional premium service to my clients while at the same time, not being tied to my desk and phone."

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Is offering reception right for
your VA business?

If you’re thinking about offering virtual reception services to your clients, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Are you available all business hours to answer calls or would you need to take advantage of our back-up receptionists? 
  • Is it a service your current clients have asked for (i.e. do you already have a client base wanting to use this?)
  • It’s not hard to set it up as we’ll take care of the tech side of the business and run through everything with you to help you get started
  • Answering the phone for your clients can help you get to know their business better, leading to long-term working relationships. 
  • All the charges for our virtual reception service are designed to be on-charged (with room for an increase) to your clients.

What our VA partners say about our
virtual reception system

Leanne Woff - Virtual Infinity

Let me offer you a piece of advice, if you are a VA and offer reception services, utilise Off-Site Reception’s system.

I wanted to offer reception services purely because my customers needed them, however I did not know how to set this up on a large scale and I also only wanted to be doing the answering 3 days per week. So, I did some research and became exhausted with the effort and then I found Off-Site Reception and it was like Christmas!

Off-Site Reception gave me a solution where I could offer 6 days a week reception services, multiple receptionists, voicemail options, individual client profiles and much more, without having to set it up, work out the kinks, manage it AND I could answer the calls on the 3 days I was wanting and not the rest!

The Off-Site Reception system has been well thought out, is easy to use and is exceptionally managed, which all then translates to the service I provide to my clients. After using this system for quite some time, I have seen how it operates and how professional and friendly it is, giving me peace that when I can’t answer the calls, my clients (& their clients) are in fantastic hands. Offering reception services has become simple and stress free and I wouldn’t do it any other way.

- Leanne Woff, Virtual Infinity

Paula Burgess - Beyond the Maze

Working with Hanna and her team is such an easy process. I find the tech side of answering a clients phone call a bit overwhelming but Hanna just makes it so easy and looks after everything for us. She tells us what to do to make the set up easy and get us working quickly so we can assist our clients. Her communication with us is great and we always feel like we are kept up to date with anything that is happening.

I highly recommend Hanna and her team if you need your or your client's called answered efficiently.

- Paula Burgess, Beyond the Maze

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Yes, we recommend a minimum download speed of 10Mbps (so you can hear the caller clearly) and at least 2Mbps upload speed (so the caller can hear you clearly). You can check your current internet speed at Speedtest.

Yes, you'll need either a desk phone or softphone app that can accept SIP Accounts. For desk phones, our team prefer Yealink, and for softphones, we use either Bria on a PC or laptop or Softphone by Acrobits on a mobile phone.

You can be with any provider if you're using an NBN, ADSL, or Broadband connection. If you are relying on Mobile Data, Optus does have restrictions on VOIP calls, so may be unreliable.