How to tie up this box of delicious social media content potential with a bow

Remember the day when social media went from showing what was in your feed chronologically to using a mysterious ever-changing algorithm to make the decision of what you would see for you? That was the day that we all likened the algorithm to a sassy little monster that, like it or not, had to be fed just the right kind of content diet to stay happy and co-operative. Basically like a toddler that will turn on us at a moment’s notice if there isn’t some regular ice cream coming to the table. Almost every article we’ve read about social media since mentions that damn algorithm...and brave is the business who decides to try social media posting without considering it.

The ice cream comes in all kinds of popular successful flavours “Bare Your Soul”, “Relatable Storytelling”, “Controversial Question” , “Shareable Meme” and the like. But the equivalent of mint chocolate chip dipped in more chocolate is “Video”. Yes, we’ve heard it before. But why? Instead of the algorithm watching to see what reactions your social media posts start to get before it decides to bump you up to the next level and get more eyes on your posts...when it’s fed a video’s robotic little heart skips a beat and bumps you up right then and there. Then it watches to see what happens...comments, replies, saves, tags & DM’s will earn you more leverage...but your post is already percolating with goodness because the algorithm prioritizes video.

Sneaky yes? If you feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon read just Google “Social Media 2020 Statistics Video” and you’ll see what I mean.

Two things we know for sure. One...I’m pretty sure I just heard a few legitimate groans at the idea of incorporating more video into our marketing much as we know it’s the right thing to do and pretty much all of the statistics are in the same corner. Two...the last thing anyone wants to see this year is more of their own face on a screen staring back at them...because Zoom overwhelm is 100% real, am I right? Did anyone’s brain automatically jump to that type of video? The “your face on the screen” kind? Me too. Then it spirals in the direction of: how to look halfway human on screen; what the hell do I have to say that will keep an audience watching; what if no-one watches; even worse still, do I have to learn a TikTok dance to do this right?!

What if I said I could help and you didn’t have to put yourself on camera?

Sure, it is what your followers will gravitate towards...there’s a reason that stuff does well. But it takes a special kind of someone to love doing it...and yay if that’s you...but it’s not me and I’m guessing I’m not alone on this one! Here it is. All you have to do is post video, any video...and as long as it’s unique and engaging + in combination with being a video file...the Sassy Algorithm Monster will snap that right up immediately! But where to find scroll-stopping video content customised for your business that will catch the eye of your followers and make them think “just how did they do that??”

Like icing on a doughnut, the combination of animation and illustration is magic...and the best way to introduce all kinds of video to your social-media-and-beyond. Here’s where I should probably say hello! I’m Tania from Petit Pixel Design and I love finding just the right mix of illustration, animation, sounds and movement to tell your stories. It's the perfect intersection of my 13+ years in IT (i.e. I love nutting out the technology side and helping others learn how-to), a heavy addiction to all things Adobe ...and digital design with my iPad and an Apple Pencil.

I work with my clients to animate their logos; create animated GIF stickers (you know the little moving drawings that people use in Instagram stories?); re-use their GIF stickers in many many other ways; create custom video backgrounds for social media templates; stop motion animation, animated flat lays, animated lettering...and more.

My favourite thing is helping people learn how to use what we’ve created to make more things on their own. I promise you, it’s never as hard or tricky as you think!

So what does this all look like?

Here’s an example. A client asks me to animate their logo (like the lovely Hanna, host of this blog did!)...once the logo is designed, straight up you get a bunch of re-usable social media templates that you can add text and photos to, along with that animated logo...aka it’s all video files that the algorithm loves. Maybe you want to use that animation in your email signature? Easily done. What if you want a pack of animated stickers and one of them could be the animated logo right? Yes! Those stickers could then be added to your newsletter, or used in Canva or on a website.

Not sure how to do this? No stress, I can usually do most of it for you. But what if you want to learn how to use stickers in Canva to make your own re-usable social media templates? Because I’ve worked in IT support for 13 years, I have all the patience in the world for this stuff and helping you learn stuff like this is legitimately one of my favourite things!

Here are some of our top picks to share with you

Healthy Business Finance GIF Stickers from Petit Pixel Design on Vimeo.

So, to tie up this box of delicious social media content potential with a can learn to live with the Sassy Algorithm Monster who rarely runs out of appetite. Many of my clients have, and legitimately have fun playing with what to feed it, then figuring out what works best for their business...and often come back for more projects together. And that right there? Sprinkles on the icing on the doughnut. So when that monster gets hungry, you know where to find me...let’s talk and create something amazing just for you!

More about Tania

Petit Pixel Design is all about one-of-a-kind storytelling for makers and brands through illustration, animation and video. Tania is the founder and creator of this cute and quirky business...and is often found in her studio with a cold coffee by her side because she's deep in the land of Adobe. She loves stretching her design muscles by catering for many different styles and clients whilst her rescue dog (with ridiculously large ears) naps at her feet...waking only to suggest changing up the Spotify playlist. She's addicted to collecting fonts, Nutella, and is often found asleep under whichever book she's reading currently.

Insta/FB: petitpixeldesign
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