What the heck is a copywriter?

And why do I need one…

Before I start, I need to let you know that I’m a copywriter, not a copyrighter – I’m not the person who puts the little © down the bottom of your webpage.

I’m the writer chick who puts the words ON your webpage – the copy.

It’s funny how many business owners don’t know that copywriters exist. I’ve been doing this for over 11 years now so I thought everyone would know about copywriting!

But more and more, I’ve come to realise that we’re almost a secret profession. You see, copywriters are often ghostwriters. Our clients come to us to make them sound amazing but put the copy out as if they wrote it.

Which is fine – don’t feel sorry for us! It’s our job.

Sometimes clients don’t mind letting the world know that they use a copywriter, and we get to showcase our talents to the world. Like the lovely Hanna. She doesn’t mind telling you all that the magic she produces for her website content and blogs is done by….drum roll…me!

So, what does a copywriter do for your business?

Most of the time, clients first come to me because they’re either building a new website or rejigging an existing one. They’ve tried writing the words themselves, but when they read it back, they decide they sound like…well a bit of a ‘tosser’ in the words of one client, so they need help.

Once their website is up and running and they’re finding themselves climbing the Google ranks, they often come back for help with any other things they need to write for their business.

The copywriting services I offer are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Copywriting for websites
  • Blog copywriting
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Bios
  • Product descriptions
  • Emailers
  • eNewsletters

You’ll find other copywriters offer different services (such as brochures/flyers, social media etc.) however I’ve been doing this for so long, I stick to my passion pieces, so it shines through in my writing.

My hint to you about finding a copywriter

First of all, make sure they’ve had some form of training. So many people think they’ve had ‘corporate world writing experience’ and that makes them a copywriter. It doesn’t.

Copywriting is an art form. It’s a skill that we learn, but then adapt to suit our style and the style of our clients.

For me, clients love that I can extract their thoughts and turn their words into a conversation online. My style is chill, conversational and catchy. I write my copy like I’m talking. If you’re a corporate type who thinks you need to have uber professional words etc. in your copy, I’m not for you.

But if you’re a down to earth business owner who keeps it real and wants your words to speak to your audience, you’re my kind of human.

I’m a big believer that you need to click with your copywriter. I say this because your copywriter needs to become you – to become your voice – to become your brand. Yes, a properly trained copywriter can adapt to suit multiple businesses, but if they don’t get your tone, it’ll never work.

You won’t be happy with the copy, and your copywriter will be as frustrated as hell that they can’t get it right for you.

So, in the early stages, if either you, or your copywriter feel those ‘heeby jeeby’ gut feelings, you should say, ‘No hard feelings, but I need to find someone else’.

Here are a few hints for your website from a copywriting perspective

SEO copywriting for websites is what I love the most. So, to help you out here’s a few hints.

SEO Tags: These are what you put ‘behind the scenes’ in your SEO section (e.g. Yoast). You’ll have a Title tag and a Meta Description tag where you need to use your keywords. These are super important to get right as they are the first point of call for your Google ranking. Here’s a blog I prepared earlier about writing clickable SEO tags.

KEYWORDS: People get so hung up on finding the ‘right keywords’. I encourage you to think outside the box and step away from your business. Ask your clients what they typed into Google to find you. Think about what everyday people would type into Google to find you (words and whole phrases). Use your location to get local search engine results. Once you’ve got your keywords sorted, you need to use them:

  • In your off-page SEO title and description tags
  • In your headings (H1 to H6)
  • In the first 200 words of your copy
  • In links (if you can)
  • In your image alt tags
  • In your product descriptions
  • In your bios

One thing to remember is NOT to keyword stuff. Google will penalise you. And, if your copy is stuffed full of obvious keywords, I can guarantee it’s not readable, and humans will flick off your website.

TONE: We’re living in an online world. Most of us do everything online and are getting used to communicating without speaking. So you must get the tone right as people can ‘read’ things the wrong way. For example, ALL CAPS IS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING AT SOMEONE – and no one wants that. And avoid using in-house jokes or jargon that your audience may not understand. They can’t see the expression on your face if you’re telling a bad joke they’re meant to laugh at!


  • Write as you speak
  • Avoid long, pretentious words
  • Avoid long, pretentious words
  • Keep it real
  • Read it out loud – if it’s not a convo, rewrite it

Easy hey?!

CALL TO ACTION: Never assume your audience will know what to do. I’m not saying they’re dumb, but it’s the psychology of the sale. Throughout your pages, you should have call to action buttons. Things like, ‘Learn more’, ‘Read more’, ‘Book a consult’, ‘Request a quote’.

Some people scan websites so having these buttons makes sure you can capture them at all stages of your webpage. And down the bottom of each page, make sure you have a final call to action box, so they know they’ve reached the end of your webpage and need to decide on what to do next.

There’s so much more you could learn about copywriting

But Hanna told me it’s a short guest blog! Sorry I’ve already waffled on long enough. If you’d like to find out more about copywriting or what I offer, please feel free to stalk me.

And here's my bio


Mon is known as the Copywriting Chameleon and Smile Creator, with an uncanny ability to tap into your thoughts, find your voice, and create messages that speak with your audience. With a passion for SEO copywriting, you’ll discover Mon knows how to please the Google gods, magically weaving words in conversations for both humans and creepy bots. When she’s not writing copy, you’ll find Mon patting spiders but having an insane fear of birds, balancing a spoon on her nose, or watching TV upside down to relax after a busy day.