How a message taking service supports your business

And adds the human element your customers appreciate

Running a virtual reception business during recent times has taught me something. And it’s that people sometimes really want to speak to someone.

For many of us in Victorian lockdown, we’ve been shut away from other humans for a while now. So, what our team has found, is that when customers call, they tend to have a little chat first, before they go on to ask us questions or make enquiries.

If you’re running a business and answering your own phone calls, have you found this too?

You answer a call, and it takes a while to get down to business. It can end up taking up quite a bit of time of your workday.

So, let me ask you. Have you ever considered using a message taking service?

Why using a virtual reception team makes smart business sense

Our clients run businesses where phone calls are a distraction. They are consulting with clients, working odd hours in restaurants, looking after animals, working in roof spaces or up trees, playing with electricity or water pipes, running networks, being creative and so much more.

The last thing they need is to stop and take a phone call.

But they’re also smart enough to know that if they happen to miss a call, it could be a potential new lead and they don’t want to miss out on business opportunities. They also don’t want to be bugging people by calling back after hours.

And this is where you’ll find having a virtual reception team working with your business is a godsend.

Did you know that message taking can be more than ‘message taking’?

Many clients when they hear ‘message taking’ assume we only take messages and forward them on. A few have commented, ‘Why wouldn’t I just use message bank then and call them back?’.

Sure, you could if you wanted, but you’d still be finding the time to do this when our message taking service can offer all this:

  • Message taking, forwarding them to you via SMS or emails
  • Forwarding urgent calls when necessary when an immediate response from you is required
  • Answering FAQs, so you don’t need to respond to basic enquiries or requests for quotes
  • Directing messages to specific team members

We can also add on extra services to streamline your business such as email management, appointment management, process and procedure improvement, business admin automation and updating your CRM.

If you’re interested, here’s what you get with a message taking service

The Off-Site Reception team offer a boutique message taking service for our clients and pride ourselves on our high-level of customer satisfaction.

Our message taking package includes:

  • A personalised introduction (what your clients hear when they call)
  • A customised voicemail recording
  • A dedicated line within our system that you easily forward your existing lines to
  • Message taking; to be sent via email or SMS
  • Transferring calls based on guidelines provided by you
  • Answering FAQs as outlined by you
  • Coverage available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (AEST/AEDST)
  • Coverage available on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (AEST/AEDST)
  • After-hours voicemails that will be actioned the following business day, or may be emailed to yourself - whichever is preferred
  • Detailed call reporting each month

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