How to build a strong relationship with your Virtual Reception Team

And why it’s essential!

When you start outsourcing, no matter what it is, you must build a healthy working relationship with those you’re outsourcing too.

If it’s one-off jobs, this probably isn’t as necessary, but if you’re outsourcing on an ongoing basis to the same company, you should be looking to create a connection. Why?

Because effectively, they are now a part of your team.

They may be working remotely and not sitting in your office, but they are representing you and your business. So, it makes sense to treat them like a team member, doesn’t it?

It all starts with communication

When you’re working with a virtual team, whether it’s for your administration or reception needs, communication becomes the essential element that makes or breaks a relationship.

Communicating with a virtual team can take a little getting used to, especially when you’re starting out and don’t really know your team well. You may be unsure of how often, or what to communicate with your virtual team. But if you’re in doubt, ask them!

Virtual contractors are used to working in the online space and therefore know how to help clients adapt to working this way.

They may set communication guidelines such as timeframes and methods of contact to keep boundaries of personal time in place. Still, you’ll find they are readily available to help you during their set hours.

And you should always feel like you can check in with your virtual team as you would an onsite team. Even general chit-chat is a brilliant way to build that virtual relationship. Your team want to know about you too and share in your successes.

A virtual team may hear more than just words

Our virtual reception team are system and process junkies! You may think that you’re asking us a silly question, but what we’ve found is that some ‘silly questions’ turn into implementing a process to help your business run smoothly.

You need to remember that we do this day in, day out and if you’ve been doing something that takes so long and is tedious, chances are we’ve seen it before and can help you fix it.

And if our virtual reception team can’t, we belong to a network of amazing VAs we can tap into to get you the assistance you need.

For example, you may say, ‘Uck, this invoicing and bank balancing is doing my head in’, to which we’d reply, ‘We know a decent bookkeeper’. Or perhaps it’s, ‘I know my website’s words need an SEO update and I really should do a blog or two’, to which we’d say, ‘Do you seriously think we wrote this blog – we have contacts!’.

So please, always feel free to express what you think as we can find solutions to just about anything your business needs.

Communicate clear expectations with your virtual team

When we sign up new clients, we have a clear onboarding process which all starts with a phone call. We stick by our phone briefing (rather than emails back and forth) as it’s the best way we can quickly get to know you and work out precisely what you need.

As we are a boutique virtual reception service, we also need to ensure we have the time and resources to dedicate to your business. So, from the very beginning, you need to be clear on what you want your virtual team to help you with.

We’ve seen virtual relationships break down from:

  • Clients only wanting task A completed each month, but sending through tasks B, C & D and then wondering why they’re invoiced for the extra tasks (you request it, you will be charged)
  • Clients failing to update the team on even the smallest of process or business change (i.e. changing rates or hours of operation etc.)
  • Misinformation being given to customers as the virtual team hasn’t been kept informed
  • Clients treating the team with disrespect as they can’t see them to treat them as they would an in-house employee (i.e. you wouldn’t really be nasty to someone’s face!)
  • Clients not being ready to outsource and treating the team as employees rather than professionals who are working alongside them to build their business

As a virtual reception team, remember that we’re the first point of call for your customers. If we don’t know what’s going on, we can’t communicate that clearly to your customers when they call.

Are you ready to meet your new virtual reception team?

All it takes to get started is a phone call and a general chat. Let’s get to know each other and see if we’d be a good fit for each other’s business. Just as you need to trust and respect your virtual team, the same goes for us with your business.

As a boutique virtual reception service, we need to limit the number of clients we serve. Please Book your complimentary discovery call with us today so we can discuss if we can work together.