How a virtual reception team can work with psychologists

And it’s more than just answering phones!

As a psychologist, you help people every day. You listen, you advise, and you help them through their rough patch. You’re a godsend, and you save lives and relationships.

If you’re running a soloist business and you’re trying to do it all alone you’re probably:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Working after hours or on weekends
  3. A secret superhuman

When it comes to your psychology business, helping your patients should be your main priority. They’re the ones who need your full attention. Not the business admin side. That’s vital, but it doesn’t need you!

That’s where having a virtual reception team comes into play.

Here are the top 7 things a psychologist can outsource

  1. Answering calls & managing your calendar and bookings
  2. Reminding your patients of appointments
  3. Answering/actioning your emails
  4. Taking payments from your patients and processing Medicare rebates
  5. Liaising with GPs on referrals
  6. Processing intake forms for new patients
  7. Booking future appointments

A virtual reception team can help run the entire admin side of your business

As specialists in the psychology industry, we know all the intricacies of running your business. Here are a few things we do for our psychology clients to help them start with outsourcing:

1. Review your systems
If you’ve been doing everything manually, we’ll show you ways to automate parts of your business to save you time and money. Things like reminder emails and SMS, welcome emails, intake forms and templates and so on. We can recommend systems with amazing capabilities that will help your practice run smoothly, with less human interaction needed.

2. Conquer your emails
There’s nothing worse than an out of control inbox. A virtual reception team can monitor your inbox, liaising with patients to book them in, uploading GP referrals to your online system and so on. Anything that requires your attention can be forwarded to you. You’ll no longer need to sift through emails but know the ones you have in your inbox are the ones that need your input.

3. Abolish your paperwork
Imagine finishing your session with a client and no longer needing to do all the paperwork. Your virtual reception team can handle your Medicare claims (which can sometimes be a tough cookie on when a rebate can be claimed), monitor sessions and let patients know when they need a new referral from their GP, type correspondence and so on. We can also arrange invoicing and follow-ups.

4. Keep your referrals up to date
When you’re dealing with multiple patients, it can be tricky to keep up with their referrals. Your virtual reception team can project manage that for you, creating a spreadsheet to keep you up to date. We can also create drafts of referral acceptance letters and can chase up with GPs and patients to make sure their files are updated.

5. Help your business to flow
Our virtual reception team love automation! We believe that doing things manually that could be done automatically is a waste of effort. We’ll help you identify the admin tasks you do that are repetitive and create automations that will make these tasks magically happen. It’s something we’ve set up in our business and trust us; automation is fantastic. Imagine a new client signing up and everything gets done for you – bookings made, referrals uploaded, intake form completed, and an invoice sent.

So, are you ready to outsource your psychology admin?

As specialists in the allied health (psychology) industry, we’d love to connect with you and discuss how our virtual reception team can help your business. From phone answering, through to full business admin assistance and automation, we’re here to help you

So get off the phones and back to what you do best. Book your complimentary discovery call with Off-Site Reception today!