‘Ugh, what could you possibly want now?’

Said the tired business owner who’s overwhelmed with phone calls…

We’ve all had those days where we’re flat knacker, trying our hardest to get work done but the pesky phone won’t stop ringing.

You give it the evil eye and mutter a few choice words under your breath before you put on your best smiley voice and answer the phone in the politest manner possible. But secretly, you’re sitting there thinking of the million things you should be doing rather than answering general phone calls.

You think to yourself, ‘Couldn’t you have just emailed me, or messaged me like a normal person and then I could answer you when I had time to?’.

But one thing you need to know is that if people have called your business, they:

  1. Are serious about using your service, or
  2. Need urgent attention (or think they do!)

Think of it this way. We’re used to pretty much getting instant answers these days with the use of Online Chats etc. And most of us do prefer to communicate online. So, if someone is calling you, they really must want/need too.

And yes – we know that when you’re in your zone of genius that this is often the last thing you want to do!

Have you been getting more phone calls?

After a lull for a while as the world adjusted to our ‘new normal’, businesses slowed down. Many of our clients had a quieter time than usual, with appointments not being booked and so on.

But others really picked up the pace. Online store owners were receiving more and more calls. And it makes sense. People were forced to stay home and online shopping hugely increased. With online orders come enquiries. And to coincide, slower postage brings on enquiries. So people tend to want quick responses and call, asking where their orders are. Online store owners have been swamped.

Those running online training have also found the same, with more people wanting to sign up for courses, looking to upskill or change their career. But as money is tighter, they want to make sure the course is right for them, so they jump on the phone to ask.

And then, of course, there’s just the fact that since we are all feeling a little bit isolated (with many people working from home) that sometimes we think we’d like to talk to a real human!

But these phone calls can be so distracting hey!

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of something and being disturbed by a phone call.

Jobs that may usually take you an hour can be stretched out and out and out. The phone call may only be a quick 10 minute one, but you’ve lost your focus. By the time you’ve hung up, made notes on that phone call and turned your attention back to the task at hand, valuable time has passed.

If you’re running an allied health clinic, you will ignore phone calls when you’re with a client. Then you’ll have the joy of playing phone tag in between appointments or after hours. Tiggy as a business owner is no way near as fun as it was when you’re a kid!

We’ve also found that our professional service businesses hate distractions. They can be travelling and don’t want that obvious, ‘Yes, I’m in the car’ response to clients. They can be in the middle of preparing important documents and don’t want to be disturbed and make errors. They may be clocking off early to spend time with their family and want to keep that time as their time.

Whatever reasons you have for not wanting to be disturbed are always valid!

And that’s why you should outsource your reception to a virtual team

Virtual reception services work for so many businesses. Allied Health, Lawyers, Conveyancers, Hairdressers, Small Business, Online Courses, Online Stores, Creatives and so on.

The team at Off-Site Reception help you by:

  • Allowing you to fully concentrate on the job you’re doing without stopping every few minutes to answer another phone call
  • Getting to know you and your business, becoming your biggest sales champions by converting enquiries into job bookings or appointment setting
  • Making your clients feel important by having someone be available to talk to them and answer their questions when they call

Yes, a virtual receptionist is totally worth it

Having worked with multiple clients over the years, the one thing they all mention is the increase in business they’ve found from having their phone calls answered. Bookings are made. Jobs are booked. Customers are kept happy. With our packages starting at a low $30 per month, our clients love having a virtual receptionist on their team.

So let's have a chat, and find out how we can help you too.