The benefits of having a virtual receptionist for your online store

It’s great for customer relations!

The past couple of months has seen the world rapidly changing. Cities and shopping centres have gone from buzzing hives to activity to deserted ghost towns. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life, and it’s fair to say, we may continue how we’re going for some time to come.

As we embrace this social distancing and the Government asking us to stay home, most of us are doing what we’re told and not popping out to go shopping for personal items. This has led to a rise in online shopping, and more brick and mortar stores are adapting to see how they can sell goods online.

If you’re running an online store that is selling wanted products (food items, medical supplies, cleaning items, baby products, work from home gear, toys and games etc.), I’m guessing you’re busier than ever!

But with more customers, comes more enquiries.

So, how do you cope and keep up?

You outsource your customer enquiries to a virtual reception team

Whether you’re running a small online store, or a large warehouse based online store, your time needs to be dedicated to manufacturing, processing orders, quality control and shipping.

You don’t need to add the menial task of answering calls from customers who are:

  • Not great with technology and having trouble online
  • Chasing up their order (common with the post being quite slow right now!)
  • Missing items from their order, or received the wrong goods
  • Requesting a refund as buyer’s remorse has set in (as they’ve realised they don’t really need a bumblebee outfit for their dog…)

Working with you to find out your most common FAQs, our virtual reception team can tackle these phone calls for you. And yes, it can be done virtually!

How our virtual reception services work for online stores

Offering more than reception, the team at Off-Site Reception help owners of online stores by:

  • Answering your phone or email enquiries. When we set up with you, we’ll ask you a range of questions and build a list of your FAQs, along with your processes and how to access your online software.
  • Chasing up orders for customers by checking their tracking number and finding out where their package is and returning their call or email.
  • Supporting customers who may be a little less tech-savvy and troubleshooting any online issues they are having (i.e. not knowing how to clear a cart of multiple items, how to apply coupon codes, how to work out shipping etc.)
  • Checking order records if a customer says they haven’t received all of their order, or have got the wrong one, pulling the information together and referring to you (we’ll deal with the often grumpy customer, so you don’t have too!)
  • Uploading your pictures of new items to your online store.
  • Writing your product descriptions, ensuring they are SEO enhanced, so they are found by customers.
  • Helping your streamline process and set up things like auto email responders and customer satisfaction follow-ups.

Want to find out what our virtual reception team can do for your online store?

The way things are, many online stores are busier than ever. And with everyone getting used to shopping this way, it’s likely to stay busy for a while. So all online stores need to lift their game and be able to deliver not only the best products but the best customer satisfaction experience.

It’s all about your customers. If they love your items and their entire experience with you is top-notch (from finding your products, purchasing from you, receiving their item and your follow up), they will tell others and come back for more.