How I’ve been keeping busy during COVID-19

They say a change is as good as a holiday. And a holiday is something most of us are hanging for right now as we’re going a little stir crazy being trapped at home almost 24/7. Dreaming of far off lands, 4WD adventures, sunny beaches, cocktails in pools overlooking stunning landscapes ...

Because a holiday is out of the question, I thought, ‘Hey, why not rebrand Off-Site Reception while I have some time?’. Let’s show the world what our team is capable of.

Over the past month, we’ve been working with some amazing small businesses to help us nail what we collectively offer as a team, create a website and rewrite my messages to get to the heart of what Off-Site Reception is all about.


Evelyne Matti is the design genius behind our new logo and branding colours. Her work is always spot on and she’s done a great job bringing new life to our brand.

All Things Web

Carly Willats from All Things Web has performed a full overhaul of our website. Her flawless design and implementation of the website build has been superb.

A Virtual Copywriting Monstar

Mon Bruggeman from A Virtual Copywriting Monstar has once again taken my ideas and turned them into words with the messaging we want to get across to our clients.

So why bother? 

Well, for many reasons. 

It had been on my mind for a while that I didn’t feel I was portraying exactly what Off-Site Reception offered. When I was onboarding new clients, I’d mention other things that we do and their response almost 100% of the time was, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you did that too, that’s great’. 

So, it got me thinking about how potential clients were viewing Off-Site Reception as only a virtual reception service. But my team have so much more to offer! 

And that’s why it was time to nail our messaging and get this right. 

A side-hustle had taken over Off-Site Tradie, my original small business 

I’m not sure if you’d remember, but I started as Off-Site Tradie, offering phone answering and administration services to Tradie clients. And it was great. 

It was during this time that I learnt there’s more to answering a tradie’s phone than merely diverting their mobile to my phone. I came up with the Off-Site reception white label package, setting up software and specialised portals. 

This also meant I had to quickly slap together an Off-Site Reception website to direct clients to. 

I had no idea that within a few years, Off-Site Reception would fully take over the Off-Site Tradie business and become as popular as it is. 

As more and more clients visited my Off-Site Reception website, the more embarrassed I was. I mean it was ok, but yeah, not up to my standards of impressiveness. 

This rebrand of the website will help us to gain higher quality enquiries so my team can provide a higher level of service. We take the time to get to know our clients, train in their systems (or teach them ours) and grow together. 

How people were seeing Off-Site Reception wasn’t 100% accurate

There’s nothing worse than realising clients don’t know what you offer as your brand messaging is way off-kilter. 

It affects the whole team. The more clients we get through, the more work the team can do and showcase their amazing talents to the world.

This is what our team used to cop (that a rebrand should help to fix):

  • "I need a VA to answer my phones, and I’m willing to pay $5 per hour" - yeah na!
  • "Can you put me onto other VAs to help with admin?" - No, we do that too!
  • "Do you just take messages?" - No we do so much more
  • "Are your receptionists overseas?" - No, we’re an all Australian team
  • "I’m not sure I need you all the time." - That’s fine, we work to suit you

Clients were not clear that we’re a fully adaptable, more than a cheap, overseas message taking virtual reception service. 

Check out the new Off-Site Reception rebrand

COVID iso is as boring as bat poop. Seriously. New Netflix series are quickly running out. 

So, our sparkly new website is one thing you can look at right now and fill in 10 minutes of your time. 

The whole Off-Site Reception team is super excited with the result and can’t wait to direct new clients through to it. We’d love your feedback too if you’ve got the time. 

And of course, if you’re looking for more than amazing receptionists who can help you with your business, check out what we offer on our gorgeous new website.