Why all VAs should answer client phone calls

Here’s what you need to know about virtual reception

If you’ve just scored a new client and you’re starting out slowly, there’s a quick way you can learn more about their business and make yourself invaluable.

Offer to answer their phone calls.

No, I'm not crazy – trust me on this one.

As you’d know, it takes a bit of time and effort to build up trust with a new client. It’s tough in this virtual world. People WANT to trust you, but deep down, everyone is a tad weary of others. We’ve all heard those horror stories of shonky businesses fooling people!

Doing a small task like answering phones for your clients is a great way to show them how you can take care of the ‘easy stuff’. It can be a great first step to start building trust.

So, let’s have a look at how to build yourself up to be an invaluable VA simply by answering a few phone calls.

A couple of reasons why offering virtual reception makes sense for all virtual assistants

1. Get to know your client's business quicker

There’s no better way to get to know more about how your client operates than by talking directly with their customers. If you’re answering phone calls, you’ll get to know things directly from customers such as:

  • What they’re following up on (are they waiting for quotes, invoices etc.?)
  • What they’re unclear on (do you need to update websites or marketing?)
  • What are the common questions they ask (have you got an FAQ page?)
  • What are their complaints (what could be improved?)

Once you start knowing the kinds of questions that are being asked, you can be a little proactive and suggest improvements to your client.

For example, if you constantly hear customers following up on quotes and you can see your client is struggling to get their quotes written up and sent, you can offer to take on this task. You’ve not only scored yourself an extra task, but you’ve shown your client that you’re looking out for their business and finding solutions.

It’s how you start making yourself a vital part of their business!

Help your client make more money

This can work in two ways:

  1. Answering phone calls (or returning them) can take up valuable hours in a day. If your client no longer needs to waste time answering calls, they can remain focused on getting their work done. This means they’ll work more efficiently, working smarter (not harder) for their money. AND, if they no longer need to return calls after they’ve finished their work day, they’ll love you!
  2. When you’re looking at building trust and stepping up, you could offer to do things such as following up on quotes or outstanding invoices. This works if you’ve got the gift of the gab and don’t mind talking money with people (this isn’t for everyone!). If you’re helping your client bring in more money to their business, they’ll want to keep you around.

How do you set yourself up for virtual reception?

A common question from VAs who are thinking about answering their client’s phone calls is, ‘How do I manage phone calls and multiple mobile phones?’.

Sure, you could purchase multiple pre-paid phones for your clients and walk around looking like a crazy lady!

Virtual reception

Or you could invest your money and time into find software and systems to offer a virtual reception service.

But, the easiest way to set up your virtual reception is to partner with me and become one of my Off-Site Reception crew. And it’s free. Seriously - it won’t cost you a thing!

All the charges are designed to be on-charged (with room for an increase) to your clients. And the best part is you don’t need to invest anything until you have a client ready to go.

Want to chat further about virtual reception?

I know you’d have loads of questions on how this all works, so if you’ve got any further questions, please get in touch with our Off-Site Reception team by booking a Complimentary VA Partner Chat. Or if you know anyone who you think could benefit from this info, please feel free to share this with them.