The top 7 things Psychologists can outsource

How Psychologists use outsourcing for their business, and why outsourcing is perfect for soloist practitioners

If you’re running a soloist psychology practice and acting as receptionist, admin and therapist all in one, what impression are you giving your patients?

They may think a) you’re not busy enough so you can do it all yourself, or b) you won’t be concentrating in your session as you’ll be distracted by phones or thinking about all the things you have to do.

To give yourself a professional edge, and to allow you to focus purely on your patients, you should consider outsourcing.

Not only does having a virtual team make it feel like you’re running a reputable practice, but it means your calls will be answered, your admin will be completed, and your patients will be taken care of before and after their appointments.

So, while you focus on your patients, and sourcing new ones, a virtual team can work in the background keeping your business running.

Top 7 business chores psychologists prefer to outsource

  1. Answering calls and managing your calendar
    When you’re with a patient, you can’t answer your phone which means you’re busy returning phone calls in between patients or after hours. Also, when patients call and hear your voice, they may start asking you questions which should be reserved for your sessions. When you outsource your reception, your patients will speak to your dedicated receptionist who can answer questions and take bookings for you.
  2. Reminding your patients of appointments
    To help patients remember their appointment times, a virtual team can either call or message your patients beforehand. This lessens the no shows, and if a patient needs to reschedule, you’ve got enough time to book another patient into that time slot.
  3. Answering/actioning your emails
    Inboxes can fill up really quickly. And when you’re in a hurry scrolling through at the end of the day, you may miss some important emails. A virtual admin assistant can keep an eye on your emails, answering queries and being your gatekeeper. They’ll alert you to any emails you need to see, and action/file those that don’t need your attention.
  4. Taking payments from your patients and processing Medicare rebates
    After your sessions, you want to make sure you’re getting paid. Your virtual team can handle this for you. They can match your appointments with those who attended and do all the paperwork to get you paid.
  5. Liaising with GPs on referrals
    When a GP has referred a patient to you, there will be correspondence you’ll need to send back. You can either scribble notes or voice record your letter, and a virtual admin assistant can type it up for you and get it through to the doctor.
  6. Processing intake forms for new patients
    When a new patient comes to your clinic, there’s a bit of paperwork they need to fill out. You can send these forms to your virtual team who can then enter all the information onto your systems and keep your database updated. Once they know your processes, they’ll also be a great back up who can pick up any missing forms.
  7. Booking future appointments with your patients
    If your patient requires further appointments, your virtual reception can handle the follow-up phone call and booking. This means you can end a session and not worry about pulling out your diary to re-book. Also, if you ever have a sick day, your receptionist will be able to call your patients and book them into a new session.

The team at Off-Site Reception work with many allied health systems

If you’ve already got systems set up, that’s fine. And if you don’t, that’s also fine!

Our team are experienced working with HealthKit, PowerDiary, Cliniko, and Appointy. However, we can adapt to using any system you’ve already got working for your practice.

If you don’t have any systems in place, we can advise you what would work for you and help you set things up. For example, if you’re still using a paper diary to book in clients, we’ll guide you on using an online calendar that you can access from any device. Online calendars are perfect for setting appointments, including any ‘me’ time you may need.

Want to discuss your outsourcing options?

Give us a call for an obligation-free chat about our virtual reception and admin services on 1300 39 30 30, or book in a time that works for you here. We’ll run through our easy setup process and answer any questions you may have. It’s natural to have a lot of questions, and we’re here to help you.