Phone answering and administration for Chiropractors

Do you need some admin help for your Chiropractic business? Outsource your paperwork and reception to a virtual team.

Running your own Chiropractic business can be tiring, especially if you’re not working within a practice group and managing it all by yourself.

While you’re consulting with a patient, you risk missing phone calls and booking in patients to fill your books. And when you do have a full day booked, you fall behind on billing your patients, updating records and sending letters back to GPs and the like.

If you’re running your business from home, or even if you’ve rented an office, you may find it hard to justify having a full-time receptionist/administration assistant. You don’t have the office space, and you don’t want all the hassles that come with having an employee on your books.

But as you’d know, your patients need attention. They want their phone calls and questions answered, and they want to feel like they’re important to you. It’s the human touch you need for your Chiropractic business.And that’s where having a virtual team can help you.

Even if it’s a trained receptionist answering the phone to book a call-back, it’s still that reassurance that patients are looking for.

How our Chiropractic reception & admin services work for you

The biggest question we’re asked is how it all works. Most people know the services we offer, but they’re unsure of how it works in the virtual sense. Especially if you’ve been used to having a receptionist/admin person onsite in a practice group.

With the use of the internet, no one will even realise that we’re not sitting alongside you in your office.

We can help you with all this virtually:

  • Managing incoming calls – we have a dedicated phone line that is only for you, so when it rings, our receptionists know to answer the phone call with your personalised greeting.
  • Managing appointments/diaries – when patients call, we can use online calendars and diaries to book appointments for you. You simply block out times you’re not available, and we’ll help fill the rest of your day to make sure you’re not wasting your time with missed appointment times.
  • Confirming appointments – we can remind patients of their appointments either via text message or phone calls, ensuring they don’t forget. We can also help to reschedule them if need be.
  • Email management – if you’re tired of checking through emails after hours, we can manage your inbox during the day, answering general queries and scheduling times with patients, and highlighting the important emails that you need to see and personally respond to.
  • GP/Specialist liaison – if a patient has been referred to you, we can assist by typing up your notes to return to the GP/Specialist. We can also help prepare reports you may need for services such as WorkCover and TAC.
  • All general admin you don’t want to do – whatever it is, if it’s taking up your time, let us know, and we’ll see if it’s something our team can do to help you. We have a network of VAs so we can help you find the right person for just about any job you need.

We work with your Chiropractic systems, but we love these

Our virtual team are tech-savvy and capable of learning whatever system you’re currently using for your practice. However, what we’ve found is many soloist Chiropractors don’t have any systems in place as they’ve been using things such as paper diaries to manage their appointments.

We have systems that we prefer to use and have found that they work perfectly for Chiropractors. And don’t worry - we can set them up and give you step by step instructions on how to use them.

Our favourites are:

Happy Easter from us!

If you need an extra set of hands to help you get through the holiday, or you want your phones answered by a dedicated receptionist, we’re offering all new clients 25% off their setup fee (a saving of $55). This offer is only valid for April 2019, so get in touch today on 1300 39 30 30. 

Happy Easter