Do you want to outsource to a Virtual Reception team?

Any business who deals with booking in clients will know how distracting constant phone calls can be. But they’re vital too. You don’t want to ignore your ringing phone as it may be a client wanting to book an appointment, alter an appointment, or ask you a question. You want your clients to feel important.

What we’ve found is that many sole traders don’t want to employ a full-time receptionist as their phone calls don’t warrant a full-time wage. In this online world, the key to success is outsourcing the parts of your business that zap your time and energy. Like phone calls! And don’t worry. Your clients won’t even know that you’re using a virtual reception service. It’s easy to get started and keep your clients happy. Here’s how.

Top 5 tips to start outsourcing your reception

  1. Do your research
    Once you’ve found virtual reception services, ring them! What better way to judge their phone manner than hearing for yourself? Take note of how they answer the phone, how receptive they are to you, how openly they answer your questions, how welcome they make you feel. They will be the voice of your business, so you want to make sure they match your enthusiasm.
  2. Ask about the technology you’d need and the packages they have
    Most virtual receptionists will have systems set up that won’t require much input from you. In most cases, phones are diverted to their system, with your dedicated receptionist knowing the call is coming through from your business and answering accordingly. You want to find out all the costs involved too – for the system, monthly fees, cost per calls and the like.
  3. Think about the level of reception service you’d need
    Every business is different. You may want every phone call answered for you, or you may just want to divert your phone when you’re with a client. You may have a list of questions your receptionist can answer for you, or a booking system they can use to book appointments, or you may simply want them to take messages to email/text to you. Discuss what you need with your virtual receptionists.
  4. Make a note of your FAQs
    Start noting down every question you’re asked by your clients and your response to that question. You’ll find many of these may be general enquiries that many people ask. These questions are the ones that your virtual receptionist would be able to answer for you. They would just need access to your FAQs on hand, so they can answer on your behalf and not disturb you for the answer.
  5. Share your calendar and booking system
    Let your virtual receptionist know what calendar or booking system you use. If they’re unfamiliar with your system, you may need to give them some direction, logins etc. Or if you haven’t got anything like this in place (i.e. you’re still using a paper diary), your virtual receptionist should be able to guide you on how to create a virtual calendar and booking system. Will a virtual receptionist work for your business?

If you’re distracted by a ringing phone, then yes, a virtual receptionist will work for your business. Here’s a sample of the types of businesses, we work with:

  • Allied Health - answering general enquiries (i.e. do I need a referral, how long is a session, what do I bring to a session etc.), booking in clients and making follow up appointments.
  • Tradies - answering phone calls to book in appointments, scheduling jobs, and answering questions about costing, timing etc.
  • Restaurants - answering phone calls during the day to take reservations for lunch or dinner services.
  • Vets - booking in furry patients and setting follow up appointments.
  • Service-based, membership business - answering questions regarding membership options, levels of membership, benefits of membership, how to sign up and also how to post job leads to find a service provider.

As you can see, a whole range of businesses can use a virtual receptionist – from the super busy, to the ones who may just hate answering phones. There are options for everyone!

Go on – test out our virtual reception service – call us!

Give us a call for an obligation-free chat about our virtual reception services on 1300 39 30 30 or book in a time that works for you. We’ll run through our easy setup process and answer any questions you may have. And you’ll get to experience our superior phone manner first hand. Go on – do it – make that call.