Client Interview with Margaret from Wangaratta Remedial Massage Clinic

In our first client interview, the lovely Margaret from Wangaratta Remedial Massage Clinic speaks to us about her business, how she can help her clients, the new and exciting modalities she's completing training in, as well as how Off-Site Reception has helped her grow and nurture her business.

Watch the interview below, or see futher down the page for the transcription.


Transcript of Interview

HANNA: Hi everyone, it’s Hanna from Off-Site Reception here, just speaking to one of our wonderful clients.

Actually I'm not sure if I've told you Margaret, but it's 2 years that we've been working together now, the anniversary I think was yesterday.


HANNA: Yeah, it's gone quick hasn't it?

MARGARET: Yes, I’ve loved it.

HANNA: Awesome! This is Margaret from Wangaratta Remedial Massage, Margaret did you want to tell us a little bit about yourself?

MARGARET: Okay, well it depends how long you've got really? Yes, so my early career was in dance, so I am linking dance with muscle movement with massage, and I think it's stood me in really good stead. So I've done lots of bits in between but that would bore you to death.

Yes, so I moved to Wangaratta about 5 years ago, and started massaging people at the coffee table in the local restaurant, and they said to me you should open a business. So, I did!

HANNA: Beautiful! That's fantastic!

What is the one thing that you love most about your business?

MARGARET: I think it's seeing the improvement in client's from before they get on the table to when they leave. So, sometimes people will come in limping and then they'll have a massage and then they'll get off the table and they won't think anything about it, and just before they leave I say, “so you're not limping anymore?”, and they went “Ohhhhhhhh!”, so yeah that really makes me smile.

HANNA: That's awesome! It is definitely the type of thing where you don't realise you've got any issues until you get them fixed and then its “Ohhhh, I’m much better”, it's quite a nice surprise when you go for a really good massage, with Margaret.

MARGARET: Although I did have an older gentleman, his wife insisted he attend and I found all the sore spots and he said “that’s it, I am not coming again”, and I said “Aww why is that?” and he said “well I wasn't sore before you touched me”.

HANNA: But, I mean it can take a couple of days for the fixes to really set in and I'm sure he would have noticed improvement after that, I know I do.


HANNA: So what made you get into your line of work? What made you move towards massage?

MARGARET: I think because I've been on the receiving end and I knew the difference between being in absolute agony and then actually having something fixed.

It's that sense of being able to help, so I think if I didn't do massage it would still be something that helped other people.

HANNA: Oh that's fantastic!

You've been studying some new modalities and doing a lot of training in new ways to help people, can you tell us a little bit about that and the benefit to your clients?

MARGARET: So, about a year ago I started studying Oncology Massage, which is for clients with cancer or with a history of cancer, and it's a very different technique not only in terms of my hands-on, but also with the kind of conversations that I have.

Thinking of the anxiety and the stresses that go with that, and because I also have training in interpersonal skills, I’m able to put those to good use in terms of listening and not judging, and also for me to feel the difference. So having been on the receiving end when we were in training I was going “wow this is such a relaxing technique, I'm going to use it for all my regular clients as well that want relaxation”.

HANNA: That’s awesome!

MARGARET: But I've had family members with cancer and a friend's daughter died a couple of years ago from cancer, so I don't think there's many people who haven't been touched by cancer; and the second modality which links with it sometimes, so people have operations in terms of getting rid of their cancer, is scar tissue therapy.

So I'm now working towards being on the register, an international register, for scar tissue massage.

That plus aged care, so there's just so much to learn.

HANNA: Yeah there really is and I've seen you grow and grow and grow from when you first started out with us. You were obviously in business before that and it's been beautiful to watch the process and watch the change and see your books filling up.

MARGARET: I’ve got the evidence before my eyes, in that I used to have, I'm just going to get it, here, this was my client business cards and I've now expanded to include another set.

HANNA: That's awesome!

MARGARET: Yeah, so that the proof that I needed that it was okay.

HANNA: That's really good to see.

MARGARET: I also, I had to say that it's thanks to my decision to employ you and your team, that I was able to relax and concentrate on massage, rather than, “I wonder if the phone's gone” or “who I got to get back to and call” and like all in 15 minutes, changing the table, getting ready for a new client, doing my notes, it's just it relived me no end.

HANNA: That's awesome, that's really good to hear!

What was one of your reasons for reaching out to Off-Site Reception in the first place?

MARGARET: I actually saw it on a Facebook group, and people were saying, “oh you should use Hanna, you should, you should”. So that's it, I thought, “oh I'm just so stressed in my current job, I cannot fit everything in, I'm afraid of losing clients because if they phone at 10 o'clock in the morning and I'm not free until 4:00 in the afternoon, they've probably gone and found somebody else because their need is so great”, so yeah, if only I had learnt this before.

HANNA: That’s awesome!

So we've obviously solved a couple of problems for you in regards to getting back to clients and getting them booked in, and you have just shown us as well, that the client list has greatly increased but so have your hours as well, I've noticed you've been doing a lot more massage.

MARGARET: Yes, yes I have, and I think the other things that are going back to your services is that not only do you just book clients into my scheduling system, you also take detailed notes about anybody who calls, why they call, it's very clear what I need to do when I get an email from you, that says “a message from supported Off-Site Reception”.


MARGARET: And especially I think with Wangaratta Council, I do fair amount of aged care work now and they know that they can just leave a message and it's going to be passed on correctly.

HANNA: That's fantastic!

Well thank you so much for meeting us today, it's been really great to have a chat. Is there anything else you wanted to add?

Any specials coming up?

MARGARET: If anybody's out there watching this get on to your services, it just makes the world of difference.

HANNA: And get onto Margaret, because we see a lot of repeat clients, she's got a lot of long-term, so we know she's doing a fantastic job.

MARGARET: Thanks Hanna.

HANNA: Thanks Margaret.

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