Why you should outsource your reception to a virtual service

Tossing up about virtual reception services? Here are our top nine reasons why you should outsource your reception.

The word 'outsourcing' is no longer a strange word to business owners.

It’s an online world, and most of us know how to outsource parts of our business to give ourselves more free time.

But the thing a lot of business owners struggle with is what they should outsource. And once they’ve decided this part, there’s always that internal voice that asks, ‘Is it worth outsourcing or do I keep doing it myself’?

My two-cents - I love outsourcing and see huge value in it. If I hadn’t tried outsourcing, I wouldn’t be able to help my clients through the process. And if your service provider is decent, they’ll be able to guide you too.

As I offer reception services, I thought I’d share with you my top nine reasons why you should outsource this part of your business. This comes from the benefits my clients have found over the years.

Top 9 reasons to outsource your reception

  1. Give yourself a professional appearance
    When you’re busy and don’t answer your phone, it’s not a great impression. For example, if you’re running a trade business and someone is Googling to find you, they’ll go to the next person if you haven’t answered your phone. Having someone (other than you) answer your phone, gives the impression that you’re available and care about your clients, and that you’re running a professional business.
  2. Save money on employment costs
    If your business is getting busier and you’ve considered taking on a staff member, you need to remember to factor in all the employment costs – equipment, pay, tax, superannuation, leave etc. When you outsource your reception service to a contractor, you only pay for the costs involved such as call per cost, line rental, phone answering service and the like. Ask your provider for a rundown of costs and compare it to an employee.
  3. You get sales champions and call screeners
    If you’re sick of those sleazy sales calls, your reception service will field them all for you – telling them to take your number off their list etc. Your dedicated receptionists can also become your biggest sales champions. Once they get to know you and your business, they can talk to new clients, explain your services and book you in for jobs.
  4. You can divert your phone if/when you need it
    Some clients want to answer most of their phone calls, but want their phone diverted while they’re on the job, seeing clients or in meetings. This ensures that you never miss a call that you’ve got to find time to return later in the day. And with most people wanting instant attention in today’s world, having your phone answered all day is an option many businesses look for.
  5. You’ll have your own receptionist
    Most reception services (well ours anyway) will have a dedicated receptionist for your business. They become the ‘voice’ of your business and the person your clients will get used to talking to. People won’t even know they’re a virtual part of your team! And when your receptionist is on leave, you’ll have a backup receptionist who’ll take over so your phones will always be answered.
  6. Professional phone manner
    Virtual receptionists should always have a professional phone manner, answering the phone in a pleasant way, so your client’s feel welcomed. If you have an untrained receptionist, they may not have the virtual people skills needed to answer phones professionally. The best way to test them out is to call the virtual provider yourself and see how their team answers your call.
  7. Personalised for your business
    Every business is different when it comes to phone calls. Some will have very little, preferring clients to email them, and others will have phones constantly ringing to book in appointments. You may want your receptionist to do the full service (answering, booking etc.) or you may simply want them to answer your phone when you’re not available and take a message. Speak to your virtual reception provider who’ll be able to guide you for your business.
  8. Book in more clients
    When you get a virtual receptionist, you’ll find that many of them are trained in booking systems (or willing to learn your booking system). This way, when your clients call, they can instantly book them into your calendar, making sure your days are filled up with appointments.
  9. Coverage for your in-house receptionist
    If you already have an in-house receptionist, you can use a virtual reception service to cover their annual, sick or long service leave. You’ll still receive a dedicated receptionist, and they can become your back up when needed. You may also have times when you have more phone calls than usual (i.e. during sales etc.), so you can outsource your extra calls to a virtual reception team for this time.

Will a virtual receptionist work for your business?

If you’re distracted by a ringing phone, then yes, a virtual receptionist will work for your business. Here’s a sample of the types of businesses, we work with:

  • Allied Health - answering general enquiries (i.e. do I need a referral, how long is a session, what do I bring to a session etc.), booking in clients and making follow up appointments.
  • Tradies - answering phone calls to book in appointments, scheduling jobs, and answering questions about costing, timing etc.
  • Restaurants - answering phone calls during the day to take reservations for lunch or dinner services.
  • Vets - booking in furry patients and setting follow up appointments.
  • Service-based, membership business - answering questions regarding membership options, levels of membership, benefits of membership, how to sign up and also how to post job leads to find a service provider.

As you can see, a whole range of businesses can use a virtual receptionist - from the super busy, to the ones who may just hate answering phones. There are options for everyone!

Go on – test out our virtual reception service – call us!

Give us a call for an obligation-free chat about our virtual reception services on 1300 39 30 30, or book in a time that works for you. We’ll run through our easy setup process and answer any questions you may have. And you’ll get to experience our superior phone manner first hand. Go on - do it - make that call.