How to use Dubsado to streamline your client onboarding

How Dubsado was an absolute game changer for my virtual reception business. It’s changed my life.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m a bit of a systems junkie. Anything that makes my business life easier is a major plus in my books. It’s why I created my white label virtual reception system. I spent hours researching software and processes and came up with a winning system.

So, I had created this amazing product and had clients enquiring. But they weren’t converting too well.

It wasn’t because our reception system isn’t amazing (it is!), but because our onboarding process was super slack. It was manual and left so much room for error and forgetfulness!

Here’s how I used to operate (do you do this?)

  1. Have a fantastic first phone call with a keen client.
  2. Email the client their proposal and wait to hear back.
    • If I didn’t, I’d have to manually follow up (and if I hadn’t set a reminder, I did forget sometimes).
    • If I did, I’d then have to create an agreement and email it to the client.
  3. Next, I’d have to send them a questionnaire and again, wait to hear back or follow up.
  4. Once I had this questionnaire back, I’d then book an onboarding meeting with them.

How chunky and time consuming is that? I’d be so busy some days that I’d forget to stop and eat lunch, let alone to try to remember every step all the new clients were up to in the onboarding process.

Honestly, if I had seen how manual and slack my process was, I wouldn’t push working with me either! If I were forgotten, I’d probably see that as a reflection of the service and not go ahead.

And then I found Dubsado and fell in love with my 76% client conversion rate. If you’ve never heard of Dubsado, you’ve been missing out on one heck of an amazing product. It’s the best software system I’ve found to streamline my processes.

And no, I’m not just blowing smoke here - I mean it’s seriously the best system I’ve come across in my whole time in business.

Not only am I onboarding more and more clients, but I’m no longer sending email after email and trying to remember what I’m up to. Sticky notes are no longer covering my desk, my computer screen, the surrounding walls. And my Google calendar no longer bings at me (which was so easy to ignore at times when it didn’t stop binging!).

Here’s my new shiny, streamlined process using Dubsado

You can totally create your own processes using Dubsado, and we have different workflows set up for the different types of clients we sign-on. Since using Dubsado, we take the initial consult and create a project. We customise the proposal, and once this is sent, Dubsado does the rest for us.

  • Auto follow up if the proposal isn’t accepted within 5 days.
  • Auto follow up and close off the lead if they don’t accept within 10 days.
  • If they DO accept the proposal, Dubsado doesn’t follow up but automatically sends them their agreement along with their setup fee invoice.
  • Again, Dubsado will automatically follow up if either of these items isn’t completed.
  • Once their setup fee is paid, they’ll be sent our onboarding questionnaire, and again, if they don’t respond, they will be automatically followed up.
  • When their questionnaire is completed, they’re sent a link to schedule the onboarding meeting which is linked to my calendar to avoid double bookings. They are even sent links to cancel or reschedule if they can’t make their appointment.

All of that is automated, and it saves me so much time. I’ve found that being super reactive, clients tend to respond quickly and they are signed up in no time at all.

And Dubsado helps me level up my client satisfaction skills. The last thing you want to do in business is sign up a new client and then forget about them, expecting that everything is going well. I’ve found Dubsado now allows me to actively follow up with my clients, which, as a result, has led to clients using my services long term.

My client satisfaction workflow goes like this

  1. An invitation to schedule a meeting after 1 month to make sure they’re happy with their reception services and to chat about any further things they may need help with.
  2. After 6 months, they’re invited to another follow-up to make sure they’re still happy with their service.
  3. Every 12 months we do an annual review and invite them to book a meeting.
  4. If the client doesn’t do any of these, Dubsado sends them an email to say, ‘hey, just checking if you want a follow up’, and then if no response, it will close off this process.

If we’ve spoken to the client at any time and don’t feel like they need any of these follow-up meetings, we can pause, cancel or skip any step in the process.

You’ve got to give Dubsado a try

If you’re running any type of virtual business where you need to onboard a client, I highly recommend you check out the amazingness of Dubsado. You’ll wow your clients with professional looking onboarding systems, and you won’t have to do manual processing ever again (once you’ve got it all set up that is). Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, Network owners, Graphic Designers - everyone - you’ve got to give this software a crack!

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