The most anticipated conference of the year! By VAs FOR VAs

Now I have to preface this article with “I don’t enjoy conferences”… I find that listening to a bunch of different speakers over a day or two can be holy-moly exhausting. But I’ve known the vivacious Rosie Shilo, Mother Duck, VA Advocate and just all-round All-Star of in the incredible Virtually Yours Virtual Assistants network for a lot of years now, and I knew this would be no boring old “been there done that” conference… and man, was I right!


How to tie up this box of delicious social media content potential with a bow

Remember the day when social media went from showing what was in your feed chronologically to using a mysterious ever-changing algorithm to make the decision of what you would see for you? That was the day that we all likened the algorithm to a sassy little monster that, like it or not, had to be fed just the right kind of content diet to stay happy and co-operative. Basically like a toddler that will turn on us at a moment’s notice if there isn’t some regular ice cream coming to the table. Almost every article we’ve read about social media since mentions that damn algorithm...and brave is the business who decides to try social media posting without considering it.


What it’s like to run an online Virtual Assistant (VA) business

Insights from one of our favourite VAs

This year has seen more and more people working from home due to the pandemic. For many, it was a new concept, and they had to adjust to a new way of working. For others, like my crew, it was something we’d done for a while.

The virtual assistant industry has been around for over 15 years now. In the beginning, while the internet was still firing up (do you remember dial-up?), there weren’t many known VAs.

But over the past few years, the VA industry has boomed. And perhaps that’s because a VA is more than an admin person. A VA is, in a huge nutshell, a person who works remotely offering a service.

VAs can offer services like general admin, transcription, reception, copywriting, social media management, online business management, graphic design, course creation and so on.

With people now working from home more, and others wondering what it’s like to be a VA, here are my insights into what it takes to run a successful VA business.


Get out of your books & back into your business

How do you feel when you look at your books & financials? At ease or overwhelmed? Are the receipts piling up or invoices not getting paid? Do you only get to reconcile sporadically? Is it a love/hate relationship? You love to know your numbers, but hate having to sit and do the work?!

Hiring a qualified Bookkeeper is an excellent way to save yourself time, money and headaches.

Having accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping is crucial to business success & growth, because it paints a clear picture of how your business spends money and where you make money.

But, if your accounting is never current, you could be missing red flags that you need to address, or missing opportunities for expansion and growth!


What the heck is a copywriter?

And why do I need one…

Before I start, I need to let you know that I’m a copywriter, not a copyrighter – I’m not the person who puts the little © down the bottom of your webpage.

I’m the writer chick who puts the words ON your webpage – the copy.

It’s funny how many business owners don’t know that copywriters exist. I’ve been doing this for over 11 years now so I thought everyone would know about copywriting!

But more and more, I’ve come to realise that we’re almost a secret profession. You see, copywriters are often ghostwriters. Our clients come to us to make them sound amazing but put the copy out as if they wrote it.

Which is fine – don’t feel sorry for us! It’s our job.


How a message taking service supports your business

And adds the human element your customers appreciate

Running a virtual reception business during recent times has taught me something. And it’s that people sometimes really want to speak to someone.

For many of us in Victorian lockdown, we’ve been shut away from other humans for a while now. So, what our team has found, is that when customers call, they tend to have a little chat first, before they go on to ask us questions or make enquiries.

If you’re running a business and answering your own phone calls, have you found this too?

You answer a call, and it takes a while to get down to business. It can end up taking up quite a bit of time of your workday.

So, let me ask you. Have you ever considered using a message taking service?


How to build a strong relationship with your Virtual Reception Team

And why it’s essential!

When you start outsourcing, no matter what it is, you must build a healthy working relationship with those you’re outsourcing too.

If it’s one-off jobs, this probably isn’t as necessary, but if you’re outsourcing on an ongoing basis to the same company, you should be looking to create a connection. Why?

Because effectively, they are now a part of your team.

They may be working remotely and not sitting in your office, but they are representing you and your business. So, it makes sense to treat them like a team member, doesn’t it?


Have your amazing marketing efforts left you with business overwhelm?

Here’s how to reduce some workload on yourself

When you start a business or have a lull, you tend to put superhuman efforts into your marketing. You regularly post on your socials, you blog and share knowledge, you network, and you may even do some email campaigns.

You put in all the hard yards, and you establish a thriving business.

But what happens when your marketing efforts send your business into overdrive? Your phone won’t stop ringing; your email enquiries are going off-tap, people are walking through your door – you’re in demand.

It’s a fantastic feeling that you’re so wanted, but it’s also a tad overwhelming isn’t it. How the heck are you meant to keep up?


How a virtual reception team can work with psychologists

And it’s more than just answering phones!

As a psychologist, you help people every day. You listen, you advise, and you help them through their rough patch. You’re a godsend, and you save lives and relationships.

If you’re running a soloist business and you’re trying to do it all alone you’re probably:

  1. Exhausted
  2. Working after hours or on weekends
  3. A secret superhuman

When it comes to your psychology business, helping your patients should be your main priority. They’re the ones who need your full attention. Not the business admin side. That’s vital, but it doesn’t need you!

That’s where having a virtual reception team comes into play.


‘Ugh, what could you possibly want now?’

Said the tired business owner who’s overwhelmed with phone calls…

We’ve all had those days where we’re flat knacker, trying our hardest to get work done but the pesky phone won’t stop ringing.

You give it the evil eye and mutter a few choice words under your breath before you put on your best smiley voice and answer the phone in the politest manner possible. But secretly, you’re sitting there thinking of the million things you should be doing rather than answering general phone calls.